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What Is The Procedure To Unblock A Blocked Facebook Account?

23 lutego 2021, 11:17
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Facebook has some strict security measures when it comes to blocking user accounts. With almost two billion users globally, it does all it can to control fake accounts, stop privacy intrusions and cyberstalking, and deter hackers.

If your account gets blocked and you don't know How to Unblock My Facebook Account, you might never understand why it could be repeated attempts to log in with an invalid password. There are chances your account is hacked and is sending out spam posts. It can be that you have violated some of Facebook's terms of services, or you have misused any of Facebook's activities, or for any other reason. 

How To Unblock A Blocked FB Account?

To get back your account, you must log in to Facebook and follow the instructions to verify your identity. Facebook provides you several different ways to confirm your identity, but generally, you will get one of the following options

  • Answering your security questions (if you added one to account)
  • Contacting a friend you've previously chosen to help you
  • Request that you upload your photo.
  • Providing your date of birth

In some cases, you need to use different methods for unlocking your Facebook account, such as uploading a photo ID. Fundamentally, this is a way to verify your tagged photos to confirm that you are who you claim to be. 

Fix FB Notifications Not Working Problems

Also, there are chances that your profile is unblocked, but your Facebook notifications are turned off. In case your FB notifications not working, you should check that your App Notifications are not turned off. You should clear cache data from the Facebook app and Messenger app and also check if there's any background data restriction to your app. 

Now you know how to unblock a blocked FB account, and by following the tricks mentioned earlier, you can turn your notifications on.

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