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Path of Exile: Legion mechanics and major games - Developers reveal their plans

20 sierpnia 2019, 04:59
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Once the Alliance is about to end at Path of Exile, the fundamental question always arises: Will the new mechanism in this interim phase be taken over to the main game over a more extended period? The developer issued a declaration on the fate of the Legion.

Anyone who has the fun of the Legion in the "Path of Exile" may have thought about it many times before the three-month league, ending the hot crack in the Crystal Trap army. The developer has now issued a declaration to bring clarity to the Legion fans.

Due to the accurate record of the Legion, the Legion's mechanism included in the main game. However, developers will not place considerable stones in the campaign, but will only let them appear in the final stage of the card content, and then the opportunity is 10%, such as tears (violation of the Alliance) and the abyss (abyss league), and finally win the victory There is Path of Exile Currency as a reward.

However, if you want more than 10% chance to encounter the Legion Alliance mechanism, you can expect some opportunities to provide the whole:

    Sextant affixes in the map set
    Legion's chafer
    As encountered in the azurite
    As a room at the Atzoatl Temple

In addition, in the future, you will be rewarded by the syndicated member Vagan from the Legion from the hiding place of the Syndicate (from the Betrayal Alliance). For example, permanent debris and scarabs. Similarly, there will be POE Items in the Azurite mine as a spoiler behind the fragile wall.

It is also an adjustment to the reward by recording the encounter of the Legion in the main game. These should standardize so that every player has a chance to get the right POE Currency and loot - not just the most powerful build. For this reason, the first monster wave in the field of permanent warfare will generate increased rewards, while the spoils will decrease with each new wave.


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