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Final Fantasy won't get a new MMO soon because FFXIV is doing very well

26 sierpnia 2019, 05:35
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Since its reincarnation in 2013, "Final Fantasy XIV" has been on the rise, and since A Realm Reborn made its debut, a lot of new content has added during these years. Square Enix plans to continue along this path, and there are no plans to make another MMO for the Final Fantasy brand, or another sequel to FFXIV.

This based on Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Yoshida Naoki and lead author Banri Oda, who spoke to German Spieletipps during Gamescom this week. The two developers are aware that they plan to continue creating updates for FFXIV Gil and Square Enix, according to the machine translation of the article, "Insist on the concept of the game."

It may be good news for players who have recently launched the Shadowbringers expansion last month. Players who have invested countless hours in the game will be happy to know that more content is on the road, and Square will not plan to implement Final Fantasy XIV in the short term, even if it is relatively old.

Yoshida and Oda did not discuss any specific plans for the extension or update of Final Fantasy XIV, but they did confirm that there are new devices and customization options in the Viera and Hrothgar competitions. Added Shadowbringers.

The developer also said that Square Enix plans to stick to the current subscription model of Final Fantasy XIV instead of free or using other monetization methods. Yoshida noted that between the free demo and a large amount of content included in the base game, they believe that the existing subscription plus advanced pricing structure is fair to the player, and it allows for the development of new content for the game to be fast and plentiful.

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