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21 czerwca 2019, 04:54
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Hublot -- hublot big bang replica --tone: what if you could control the passage of time through mechanical means? Really manage your time? The mechanism drives the mp-02 time key, thanks to a three-position crown, enabling you to "adjust" the speed to pass hours and minutes according to your wishes. In the lower left corner is the power reserve indicator, which shows how much autonomy remains for 100 hours. The speed of the time indicator is a red bar that can be seen in three beams of light (time, 4 times faster or 4 times slower). The 5 grade titanium case is surrounded by a white rubber band and is assembled by a titanium sheet.

Hublot movement
Ordinary version of the dial is black, dial has a green tone, the most can only have 50 pieces. The Key of Time Unique Piece for Marcus is in all white, with some red stress on The dial, make a total of 51 pieces every produced. The Key of Time Unique Piece for Marcus is in all white, With some red stress on The dial, make a total of 51 pieces every single produced. By the way, have you noticed the details: this unique version USES the letter "M" for marcus at 12 o 'clock. And it's the same design philosophy that the builders insisted on: make it strong, make all its elements work under incredible pressure -- but make it look proud and handsome. The "displacement" (in nautical terms) is 48 mm, but the 4 o 'clock crown and 2 o 'clock internal swiping bezel crown, as well as the crown lock mounted on another set of earpieces above 3 o 'clock, further add to the overall physical presence. Given the size of the case, knock off watches the overall feel of the watch is deceptive when you wear it.

Your first thought was that it would be heavy, replica hublot watches but it wasn't! Carbon fiber gives a very solid feel, but it's not bulky in any way. The face is marked by a glowing red, hand and chapter ring - a styling cue that continues on the Nomex watchband, stitched in red.
For me, a devoted fan, the absolute highlight of the hublot series is the work designed to celebrate the company's formula one partnership and its new relationship with ferrari. Due in part to a relationship with F1 CEO Bernie Eccleston(see here!) The 2010 agreement was signed to link together the racing series that embodies the largest high-tech watch brand, establishing its own companions in embracing the rapid development of new material technology with ultra-complicated internal movement and ubiquitous robust sports style.

Hublot has just launched the power of Kings Alinghi 4000 to showcase their partnership with the Alinghi team. Alinghi did some good, as hublot was not their first official timing partner.The following photo of the mechanism (caliber HUB 9002) shows the actual mechanism of marcus' Time Unique Piece key, which Hublot tweeted while assembling the Unique Piece. The movement features all the features of the advanced Horlgerie, such as polished and beveled spirals with rounded and polished ends. We can also see the bridge finished with manual hypotenuse and brushed (brushed) surfaces.

Also visible is the carving on the side of the tourbillon cage, shown every five seconds, so it can actually be used as a second hand.
This feature reminds hermes of the arc manual winding movement with the eau Le Temps suspension, which somehow "stops" the hands at 11 o 'clock and 1 o 'clock positions, and by pressing the button they will return to show the actual time again. The difference, of course, is that the time button not only remembers the correct time, fake luxury watches it also displays times four times faster or times slower.


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