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"World of Warcraft" 8.2 update: Rise of Azshara will arrive this afternoon

19 sierpnia 2019, 11:16
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"Rise of Azshara" is the biggest update since the Battle of Azeroth, and you can experience a new version of World of Warcraft this afternoon.

The much-anticipated World of Warcraft 8.2 update - Rise of Azshara has finally arrived, which has excited many players. This morning, World of Warcraft has shut down all the servers and is ready to apply the updated content. According to the announcement on the official website, players are expected to play online at around 4 pm. After the update is complete, the player will be provided with two new areas to explore and other large-scale changes, mainly to correct some of the players' complaints about the game since the Battle of Azeroth.

The good news is that returning players don't have to worry about catching up with them to jump into the new area of Azshara. As soon as you reach level 120 and unlock World Quests, you will receive a quest at login, which will get you started with the new 8.2 story. Not only that, players can also buy the cheapest and safest Classic WOW Gold at ZZWOW.

The best news for those returning players is that they don't have to hurry to catch up with other players. As long as the player reaches level 120 and unlocks World Quests, he will receive the quest at login, so that he can directly experience the 8.2 update.

First, players can go to the enemy-underwater zone of Nazjatar, the entrance to the new Azshara's Eternal Palace raid, which will be open for a long time. Here you can take on a series of new assignments and experience some cool new systems, such as a new armor suit with zone-specific bonuses. In addition to here, you can also go to Mechagon Island, a semi-roboted gnome playing a civil war on the island. Here you can collect some of the necessary resources to make customizable jewelry or create gadgets that can help you explore the island better. On the island you can also find a new Mythic-difficulty mega-dungeon called Operation:Mechagon. You need to defeat 8 Bosses in the dungeon to get a great trophy.

In fact, the biggest change is the Azeroth Heart System, which is very gratifying for those who are dissatisfied with the game. In previous versions, players had to constantly upgrade the level of Azeroth's heart to unlock Azerite traits on the Azerite Armor. But now, players can unlock all Azerite Armor traits from the start. The new heart of Azeroth is more like the Artifact Weapon in the Legion version.

The expansion of Azeroth is not as popular with most players as the Legion, but this 8.2 update may change this situation.

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