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Path of Exile multiplayer development method

24 kwietnia 2020, 04:15
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It is very important for players to play in teams. Players and their partners can form a team of 2 to 6 people if they want to venture together in the game world and participate in later activities. But players need to carefully consider whether monsters will become stronger when they get together. Or how can they easily obtain loot such as POE Currency dropped from monsters.

Use the S key to open the social menu or search for keywords to navigate to the menu. You can add your friends to your friends list by entering their nicknames in the space. Players can invite their partners to join your team while they are online. You may not be able to see your partner in certain areas. It may take some time to enter the new area. You may not meet your partner when you enter other town versions. But if they are in the same mission area as you, they will meet. Although they are in the same area, it may happen that you cannot find them. In this case, you can click on the buddy's avatar and send it to them. Through the public party system players can also find other like-minded players. Players can openly recruit teams, this way of teaming allows other players to play together without joining your friends list. You can also describe your task to attract others. Of course, you can also join other teams.

When your squad begins to enter the game, the loot rules can be changed by you as appropriate. If all loot is free, the items can be served on a first-come-first-served basis. If it is Short Allocation, the system will randomly select players to give away loot. Players who have not obtained items can snatch other people's items. In the case of Permanent Allocation, the system will randomly draw players to give away loot, and the items obtained by players will never be robbed. If someone in your squad receives a loot randomly distributed by the system. But this is not what he wants and your partner wants, he can discard it to your partner.

Players need to adjust the Level Downscaling settings to play with players of different levels. If the level of the partner you play with is low, you can turn on the "level reduction" function. The system will automatically adjust your level according to the situation. Your friends will get full experience points. Conversely, if you do not want to use the "level reduction" function, you will remain at a normal level. But the lower level partners will get incomplete experience and income. Similarly, when playing with players who are higher than your level, if you want to reap the full income and experience value, then ask them to open the "lower level" setting. Since the enemy gains extra health, playing with others will also make the game more difficult. But this will also increase the loot drop rate of the entire team.

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