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WoW Classic Phase 4

13 lipca 2020, 09:47
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WoW Classic Phase 4

Fans are extremely excited as the release of WOW Classic Phase 4 on April 15, just like we mentioned before, it mainly brings three highlights of the game content, Zula?? Gurub Raid, Arathi Basin, as well as Dragons of Nightmares.To get more news about WoW Items, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

Apart from the much-anticipated Classic raid, located in Stranglethorn Vale, the addition of Emerald Dragons is the hugest feature of Phase 4, four types of Green Dragons of Nightmare spawn in four different zones as immense world bosses. Here is a guide for these dragons.Emeriss, it does well in infectiously poisoning her opponents, Spore Cloud, once attacked, the player will turn into a poisonous mushroom on death, and continue to cause damage to the next player. They can also cause damage to the infected and any allies nearly with Volatile Infection. Moreover, at 75%, 50%, 25% health, Emeriss also cast Corruption of the Earth to cause the not cured death within 10 seconds.

Ysondre, similar to Emeriss, it can cast Lightning Wave to deal more damage with each successive hit. Its uniqueness lies in summoning Demented Druid to defeat every member of the raid at 25% health intervals, causing players to hurt themselves when attacking Ysondre.

Lethon, when it encounters an opponent, it would fire four sets of shadow bolts alternating between its either side of him, and causing 800-1200 damage. Lethon will cast Draw Spirit to deal damage and cause a shade to walk from each player for 5 seconds at 25% health intervals. But the damage is not impeccable and does not directly cause death.

Taerar, who can cause heavy arcane damage with Arcane Blast. Also, it can completely protect itself, immune to all and summoning three shades at 25% intervals. With Bellowing Roar, Taerar fears could fear all targets within 30 years every 30 seconds.Here are four Emerald Dragons throughout Phase 4, WOW Classic, who spawn at the same time, but it is unclear to tell which will spawn at which portal. As a result, it is okay to keep focus on these four portals, Duskwood, Hinterlands, Feralas and Ashenvale.

Anyway, these four dragons are hard to deal with. But after defeating, they will drop exclusive loot, including 22 WOW Classic items, and 10 shared epic items, you can make your pack full relying on your own abilities.

In order to fight against these bosses, you need advanced gear to resist the natural damage. So, at any time, WOW Classic Gold is indispensable throughout the Classic, when choosing a marketplace to trade, ZZWOW is worth considering to sell goods related to WOW Classic.

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