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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Swimming is a Great Update

13 lipca 2020, 07:35
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The ocean in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" was once the most mysterious place at the time of the game's release. The hidden depth is only hinted by the outline of the submerged rocks and is guaranteed by various fish scale specimens found near the shallow shore. Diversity of life. It wasn’t until July 3, when Nintendo’s summer renewal swept through the walls, that we sought out, the sandy toes and our thick tub exploration opened the ocean.

Animal Crossing's summer update introduces swimming into the game, and this is the right time. Animal Crossing: New Horizons' relaxing island life is one of the best ways to realize the ordinary summer vacation fantasy. This is a relaxing game in which nothing really bad happens. When we began to be bound by our coastline, the game unfolded another layer, allowing us to jump into the sea and dive into the bottom. Your snorkeling mask will be mailed to you automatically-it is not needed for diving, but it still looks appropriate anyway. Then, you must go to the Nook twins' head office or residents' service department to purchase wetsuits in various colors and patterns. If you are missing materials, you can Buy ACNH Items at ACBellsBuy, which is very convenient.

The dress-up party is fun, then the real swim. To do this, you have to run to any point on the island bordering the ocean, then press A to jump in-from the pier or one of the outcropping rocks, your character will bounce in, and from the beach, they will do more sliding, Dazzling movement to dabble. All you need to do is hold A and swipe left to indicate yourself until the game can move you forward. Sometimes, you will see a series of bubbles rising from the depths-swim deep, dive with Y, and collect any fabulous marine life hidden here, from anemones to octopuses to mantis shrimp. It is also easy to make money when Nook's Cranny sells these things. Underwater creatures are everywhere, and they will not even disappear, just like fish and insects, even if you have to dive a few times for them.

Sometimes, swimming itself makes sense, when you swing up and down in the waves, floating in the cool embrace of surfing, unable to touch in time, the rest of the world will only happen around you. This update provides players with more ways to play. In ACBellsBuy, players can Buy Animal Crossing Items at a very affordable price, you can have great gaming experience.


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