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Latest Movie Review: ‘Venom 2 Let there be Carnage’

9 października 2021, 23:25
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The film, which was directed by Andy Serkis, has a PG-13 rating which makes it accessible for most anyone who’s looking to see it

Released Friday, Oct.1, “Venom: Let there Be Carnage” (which I'll now call “Venom 2”) is now playing at the B&B Theaters at the Vicksburg Mall.The film, which was directed by Andy Serkis, has a PG-13 rating which makes it accessible for most anyone who's looking to see it.Be wary of tiny children, but otherwise, the entire family should have a great time with the action, humor and short 97-minute runtime.

The Sequel to 2018's “Venom” returns looking to foreground the humor which set the first film apart.“Venom 2” begins with our villain, Cletus Kasady / Carnage, being separated from his super-powered girlfriend Shriek (eventually played by Naomi Harris).

We fast forward 20 years later and find Kasady (now played by Woody Harrelson) seeking friendship with Eddie Brock (played again by Tom Hardy).Kasady's story almost acts as the BPlot for an A-Plot that involves the ongoing relationship between Eddie Brock and his Symbiotic partner, Venom.

The film features long scenes in Eddie's apartment where he and Venom discuss clues, make food and get into fights.A highlight of the movie sees Venom off on his own having fun.But even when Venom is out being his own person, he cannot shake the need to be with Eddie.So while “Venom 2” showcases superhero action and an impressive final duel between Venom and Carnage, the core of the film involves Eddie and Venom realizing that they need each other.

Plus, the moments of domestic hijinks between Venom and Eddie are the best parts of the movie, also starring Michelle Williams and Stephen Graham.Born and raised in Vicksburg, Ian Omar Smart is a graduate of Warren Central High School and Mississippi State University with a degree in architecture.After graduating from university in 2018, he began putting his degree to good use designing in and around the Jackson Area.When he's not drawing buildings, he's probably at the movies, watching something he's willing to recommend.

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