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FIFA21 may become the most realistic football game

Julian Sands 
10 września 2020, 10:41
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FIFA21 may become the most realistic football game

The latest edition of the FIFA series will be officially released soon, which is undoubtedly good news for fans. It is reported that FIFA21 will improve the game in almost all aspects on the basis of the previous work, and the most popular career mode will also make key changes.

First of all, a new attribute called "court acuity" will be added to the game. The value reflected by this attribute will determine the player's reaction at critical moments in the game. When the value is high, the player will have normal or extraordinary performance, and the player We can improve the acuity of the game by organizing training sessions in specific areas. This setting will make the game closer to reality, and players should also determine the basic acuity of the game based on the reality bonus.

Secondly, the "interactive ball game simulation" will allow players to enter and exit the game at any time, which increases the degree of freedom of the game. Players can cut into the game at key points such as free kicks or penalty kicks. In this way, players You will get the best game experience. At the same time, the gameplay can also modify the data in the stadium. All the subtle events on the stadium can be participated, which is very interesting.

The changes in training are also more obvious. The newly designed player growth system is more flexible. Players can develop their own roles, and they can also change their positions through retraining at a later stage. For example, the player we trained in the early stage is a midfielder. In the later stage, if we want this character to play as a forward, we can assign his attributes and turn him into a forward. But you need to perpare FIFA 21 Coins to buy some good players for your team.

In addition, the design of the event management system also makes the game more realistic. Players can freely decide the training and rest time of the team players. If the time arrangement is more reasonable, it will improve the fitness and acuity of the players to a certain extent. And player morale.

Finally, there are changes in AI. The AI in FIFA 21 will pass, control, steal, and mark according to the actual situation on the field. The progress and details of each game are different, and players will also get A lot of freshness. There are also many new operations in the transfer market. For example, players can be purchased through loans, and it is no longer a dream to form strong teams such as "Galaxy Battleship", and the initial setting options in the career mode will also be related to the transfer. Negotiation and signing.

In short, many of the changes in FIFA 21 are to get closer to reality. After the work comes out, it will definitely attract many sports game players. It is worth mentioning that China's top star Wu Lei serves as the promotion of FIFA 21 for China. One of the ambassadors will also have his own real face in the game, and his initial value in FIFA21 may also exceed 80. I believe that many domestic players can't wait, let us look forward to the release of FIFA 21 on October 9th.

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