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How Are Aluminium Discs Made

17 kwietnia 2021, 09:23
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How Are Aluminium Discs Made

Aluminum discs or circles of different sizes and thicknesses are widely used in the manufacturing of items, as well as other more artistic applications. Capacitors, medical tubes, kitchen wear, and soda cans are only a few of the products made with aluminum circles. How to make the aluminium discs and what's the production process?

How Aluminium Discs Are Made?

The circles are often drawn in different sizes using presses. Capacitors use small cans, while a kitchen pot made of aluminum will be much larger. The circle's diameter and thickness are matched to the final product's target size and thickness. Aluminum is simpler to draw to the final form than other metals because it is very malleable. Aluminum does not rust like steel, but it does oxidize, so it is often painted to keep it from doing so.

In certain cases, however, aluminum oxide may be preferable. It can be used as a thin electrical insulator in capacitors, for example. Aluminum circles are often used to create pet and key tags in their original circular form. The aluminium circle is either etched or have lettering stamped into them, rather than being drawn. Another form is large, thick disks, which are used for a variety of items. These are forged into gears or supports or cut with computer numerically operated (CNC) equipment. Aside from the above uses, aluminum circles have a variety of other uses because they lend themselves to further production or use as-is.

The manufacturing process begins with raw aluminum, which is melted and combined with other metals in different ratios, or left pure and cast. This is eventually rolled onto aluminum sheets and coiled into spools. The sheets are often split into smaller coils for processing, but they are also often used whole. These aluminum sheets are fed into a blanking system, which uses a roll of material to cut out circles. Following that, the disks are stacked for final assembly.

Since the blanking method has a tendency to harden the edge, the cut-out circles are annealed to smooth the edge that was cut. Annealing is a heating and cooling procedure in which the metal is slowly cooled to eliminate internal stresses. There is scrap from the sheet after the circles have been cut and annealed, which is recycled back into the process as raw material. Many of the above-mentioned items are made from cut disks, which are stacked, packaged, and sold to various factories. Large users of aluminum circles may prefer to buy aluminum sheet and do their own blanking. This saves money over buying sheets, but it necessitates further material handling to deal with the scrap, which must be transported back to an aluminum manufacturing company. Additionally, the expense of computer servicing and space is a factor to consider when determining whether to buy discs or execute the operation in-house.


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