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A Technical Guide for Creating Incredible Custom Packaging

11 czerwca 2021, 06:08
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Packaging does not have to be frightening. It's now much easier than ever to create custom packaging that looks amazing and isn't prohibitively expensive.

Packaging does not have to be frightening. It's now much easier than ever to create custom packaging that looks amazing and isn't prohibitively expensive. However, as a designer, you are aware that the process is not complete. The best packaging incorporates more than just a logo or brand colors. It tells a story and establishes the brand's overall aesthetic.

What to Consider When Creating Custom Packaging

So you're interested in designing your own packaging? As you'll quickly discover, there are numerous options and considerations beyond simply deciding whether your product should be packaged in a box or not. It may seem overwhelming at first, but the first step is to decide on the type of packaging you will use.

Consider the following when selecting your packaging:

Dimensions of the product
Value in terms of presentation
Cost of Functionality

Bear in mind that just because one option is less expensive does not mean it will provide the best presentation for your product. The best course of action is to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and overall presentation.

Packaging Types

1. Containers

Mailer Boxes are the preferred method of packaging subscription boxes, new hire kits, promotional influencer mailings, as well as gift boxes and retail packaging. Mailer boxes are constructed of corrugated cardboard in an E or B flute configuration to ensure they survive shipping while remaining stylish.

2. Carton Folding

Folding cartons are one of the most recognizable box styles and can be found on a wide variety of retail shelves. Folding cartons, which are made of paperboard, are slightly more expensive to produce but are simple to assemble. They range in thickness from 16 to 24 pt, with 16pt and 18pt being the most common. A fantastic choice for packaging tea, candies, beauty products, and high-end items.

3. Rigid Boxes in Two Pieces

Typically, the most expensive rigid boxes are used to package luxury items such as perfume, alcoholic beverages, and high-end watches. They are constructed from chipboard, which is up to four times stronger than the paperboard used in folding cartons, making them the strongest box style found on store shelves. Two-piece rigid boxes are a popular style for high-end items such as an iPhone or other electronics, while trays are better for smaller items such as candles or cosmetics.


Physical packaging design does require some "outside-the-box thinking." Bear in mind that designing custom packaging entails more than simply selecting the contents of your packaging. With your brand's message, you're telling a story and communicating it through a physical product. Materials, shapes, and finishes all contribute to the overall appeal of your final product.


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